Monday, July 26, 2010

Motto shop

Yes, that's right, second post in one day. There will be a third soon. :) You may have heard that the Motto of the Day project on Wikipedia has been working great these days. In the past, we often had redlinks in random mottos. Not anymore! This is because we have lots of mottos. The mottos go all the way to September, which is quite impressive - a few months ago we were still having emergencies all the time.

To celebrate, the most active user on the Motto of the day project, pjoef, has decided to reward everyone for their work. He proposed, on his talk page, that a barnstar be given to every MOTD user who has edited lately, as well as to several contributors that have not edited for a while. The idea was supported by most contributors and Simply South, the most experienced active contributor, gave the barnstar in behalf of the entire project. This brought a smile to a lot of MOTD contributors!

Then, a very active contributor, Hi878 (who is most famous for coining the word 'e-hesitate'), started posting some ideas to improve the overall efficiency (and awesomeness) of the MOTD project. They are located here (permanent link). As you can see, other contributors have also added their own ideas there. There are currently 15, some closed, but there might be more soon! What are you waiting for? Go and comment!

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, the changes. So, apart from all that, there is a very major change to the MOTD project. As you can tell from the header of this post, it's the Motto Shop. What the motto shop basically does is to make mottos that a user can live by on Wikipedia. The motto is made by MOTD contributors. The idea was originally proposed by Belugaboy, was accepted by the MOTD community, and is now in use. Hi878, mentioned above, created most of the pages related to the project, except for the preloader. Several people have asked for a motto. The first one was HJ Mitchell, an admin of the English Wikipedia. Congratulations, HJ!

Note: if you are one of the users mentioned in this post and you feel that I should not mention you here, please contact me immediately through my Wikipedia talk page. I will not link there because if you are really one of these people, you should know who I am.

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